The Traveler (Indestructible in Aluminum, only $15! Acrylic version $10)


The Traveler uses two suction cups to secure your iPhone (or any smooth backed device) to any smooth surface. We use it on whiteboards, tabletops, desks and windshields. All controls are easy to reach, and a power cord or auxiliary cable fits just fine.

Designed for use with iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4 and iPhone 5C, the Traveler also works with any other mobile device with a smooth back. The Traveler is compatible with Apple's Bumper case and other cases with a smooth back.

Made of sturdy clear or black acrylic, the Traveler's modern appearance also fits into your auto interior. New versions in sturdy 5052 Aluminum are now available. If you use your iPhone as a car GPS, you’ll love the Traveler. A suction cup with an easy-removal tab conveniently attaches the phone to the Traveler, and the Traveler to the window or other smooth surface.

Designed and built by hand in California, the Traveler is made of sturdy clear or black acrylic or aluminum.